Love Breakups Zindagi

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    Anonymous said...

    tokka tondam tolu

    Anonymous said...

    super rich lifestyle ni mana mohalaki ruddatam. Vadduraanayanaa ante country brutes ani rebuke cheyyadam!

    Bollywood just tries to imitate the cheapest movies of hollywood...if they try to imitate at least one of their quality movies (from dirs like Woody Allen, Martin Scorcese, or european dirs like Vittorio de Sica or Francois Traffaut)...then at least we can respect that!

    Imitating the brainwashing propaganda that glorifies breakups and throws family values to the gutter is NOT what we want to see happen!

    Open your eyes to how media uses YOU to market vested interests' agenda:

    Anonymous said...

    @above. "break-ups" "dating" "it's over" etc. these words and the associated life style have a lot of market. companies brainwash people with things where they see there is a huge market. see facebook, cosmetic companies (all which resort to white skin propaganda) etc.