Ambedkar Cartoon in CBSE creates tremors in Parliament

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    Anonymous said...

    ambedkar fucked with our constitution

    Anonymous said...

    2:24AM ...i agree with u bro ...vaadu leka poote reservation anedu undedi kaadu ...lanja koduku ....maa jobs anneee sc,st dobbesaaru ....

    Anonymous said...

    @2:24 & @6:14
    well you both speak with complete ignorance. Just to let you know I am born in Brahmin family(don't claim myself as Brahmin according sanatana dharama).

    Do you have any clue how it feels if your dad or mom or your brother treat you untouchable or less than human purely based on your birth. If you do you won't talk like that.

    Ambedkar is proud son of India. When he passed the bill it was only for 10 years. But later our gutless politicians abused it.

    A talented person will never worry about job. He know how to create a job for himself or even for other, if possible.

    Bottom line we have responsibility to improve morality and recognize everybody based on their talent and hard work not based on their birth.

    Understand Sanatana Dharma as it is and not based sacial taboo. If we or our forefathers did a mistake lets take every step to correct it.

    Anonymous said...

    @7:42AM well said. Ambedkar created reservations with good intention but its our politicians who had missed use it. Just like we shouldn't blame manufacturer, if we don't know how to use the product, we shouldn't blame Ambedkar for current vow's.

    But at the same time I understand your frustration, people who are still rich and have all facilities are using the reservation system. We need to move away from caste based reservation system to financial based reservation system. But none of the political party have guts to do this.

    Anonymous said...

    excellent cartoon, he has really killed india and the constitution.

    Anonymous said...

    The real way to bring equality is to treat people equally, ambedkar missed this simple point. he tried to bring equality by choosing to start from treating their ppl differently(=> inequality) to balance the contemporary inequalities, which obviously made social equality a more distant dream. Now the people who are addicted to this constitution or say system will never dare to come out of this comfort zone. They shamelessly want themselves to be seen different based on their birth (merely for the cheap benefits they get from constitutionally derived govt. policies implemented by uneducated foolish politicians - who base everything on quotas - the major selling point for their vote politics).

    Of course there are people who are well educated and don't genuinely want themselves to be seen different and want to challenge themselves and the world with their education wit and confidence. And they are the real winners and they don't care about Ambedkar's constitution or any politician or their policies as they mastered the art of living in this non-sense society (I am talking regardless of caste or any division). And they are the real winners and hat's off to them.

    So, The bottom line is don't apply any common properties to a group or community of the society, and never blame or divide them based on their birth. End of the day everyone is human.

    Anonymous said...

    who ever supporting the reservations , i am sure they dont know how society works. in olden days every one used to get respect irrespective of their dharma and cleanliness is must for every one no matter what work u do. at one point of time people working with animals and other low level works forgot to follow the cleanliness ( even now i see in some villages people don't have any awareness about cleanliness ) and effected with communal disease so other people who strictly follow the rules used to avoid them from contact, thats all it started with. so who's fault is this.
    now come to reservations, if you really want to erase the untouchablity then you should educate the people but not providing them with reservations. by providing them reservations , you are increasing the differences in the society.
    provide equal opportunities , provide good education , encourage every one to use the felicities then give opportunity to prove themselves.
    differences in the society is every where in the world. but no other country in the world provide you the job just because you belongs to certain group unless u prove yourself.

    people who supporting the reservations mentioning about the history should stop spreading false news among people.

    every one should understand that no one becomes suprerior just because you born in certain caste. by birth every one is equal and should get equal opportunities.

    reservations should be stopped at any cost and it is the only way to save India.

    Anonymous said...

    Ambedkar brought in Reservations for socially underprivilaged and Set A Time line of 10 Years for the same. As per him, if implemented well, 10 years were enough, as only the first generation has to gt the benefits.
    But, for political gains, these reservationalists perpetuated reservations indefinitely and politicians obliged for the same under political pressure and vote bank politics

    Anonymous said...

    before indipendence Muslims has reservations in British India. As india devided in to India and Pakistan, there is no reservations to Muslims. Ambedkar used the same principals and he gave reservations to ST and SCs.

    Anonymous said...

    @8:50 PM..
    U mean to say cleaniliness is there always with the so called Agravarna..i.e.brahmin..
    the most unhygienic and filthy ppl frm that comunity...and u say as others are not clean they practised untouchabilty!!!!!
    1st of PPL shud be educatedto know all these things..
    When the PPL were denied of education how come they know all these stuff..
    And reservations are meant to encourage PPL who were living at bottom level of the society and giving them some confidance..
    As some IAS office said..If Govt. releases Rs1, the end beneficair receives only 10paise..In this situation it takes some generations for suppressed PPL to come out of their inferiority complex and to join with normoal society..
    After all 1000s of yrs. the Agravarna PPL sucked the blood of Poor and Nimna kula PPL..Itz not a big thing for jus mere 60yrs..

    Anonymous said...

    @10:14AM it seems u didnt understand my comment or u must have read just first few lines. i didnt talk about the present day , at present day there are very few people who lives like brahmins , rest are living a filthy life and still calling themselves as brahmins.

    ppl were never stopped from getting education, i can give u a list of million people who tried and have been trying to provide vedic knowledge irregarding of where u come from. some people are learning and some not.

    no one stops any one from attending a lecture on bhagavad geeta or ramayana.

    reservations are meant for encouraging ppl?
    i dont want a unqualified/unskilled person to become a doctor or engineer , i don't want to encourage them.

    as i said , gov should provide good education to every one , provide felicities and conditions to educate themselves but never provide a job or anything else just because he born in a particular caste.

    this is wrong and it will never give you the desired results but effect the country very badly.


    Anonymous said...

    Who argue against reservations please think what is the ratio of SCST and BCs in the IT industry and CA CS and CWA profession where there is no reservations till now.

    If their ratio is atleast okay, then we can say no need of reservations.

    Anonymous said...

    @1:43PM okka sari nuvvem comment raasavo neeku ardham avutunda. no private company asks for ur caste. eppudaina private company selection procedure choosava, all they care about is talent. mari gov ki talent enduku akkarledu kevalam kulam matrame enduku kavali okksari alochinchu. motham antha private sector chesethe appudu evadi talent entho telisipoddi.
    ultimate gaa talent should win not the caste.
    talent should win no matter who ever is the person , where ever he came from.

    Anonymous said...

    talent vunna vallu bhatikithe saripodda??????

    Talent leni vallu bhaka bani ledha....


    Anonymous said...

    ante talent lekapoinaa gov jobs ivvala ????
    idem nyayam? talent vunna valle vatakali ani ikkada evarannaru , neeku ardham ayyindi inthenaa. batakadaniki gov job matrame cheyyalani rule edanna vunda . evadi talent ki tagga panulu vadu chesukovali batakali ante kani , kevalan kulan peru cheppukoni talent lekapoina seat lu aa taruvatha job lu kottesthe emanali. assalu vunna problem ni address cheyyakunda pitchi pitchi comments enduku. aina evado meeru takkuva vallu ani ante meeku meere oppesukotam enduku , memu takkuva vallam maaku tindi , pusthakalu , jobs danam cheyyandi ani adukkodam enduku. ee abedkar desaniki daridram laa daapurinchadu evaro konthamandi chesina tappuki desanne nasanam chesadu, paiga situation marakapothe reservations konasaginchali ani oka clause petti chachadu , daanni ee politicians darunam gaa abuse cheathunnaru votes kosam. mari brain drain avtundi ani edisthe sarpodda.

    Anonymous said...

    Foreign lo kante India lo ekkuvagha sampadinchadam ledha , eemina cheyyadam chethakani vallu foreign pothe dhani valla nastam peddagha eemiledhu.

    ellanti brains India ki bharame..

    USA lo 90% of innovations done in Private sectors. India lo private sector lo reservations levugha. Mari veelu viragha podichindhi eemito.

    Anonymous said...

    @2:17 AM India lo private sectors vunnai kabatte ee matram life vundi. assalu India lo globalization start ayyinde recent gaa PV narasimharao time lo, so appude em peekaro em peekaledo cheppatam konchem kastam. kakapothe 35 marks lo pass ayyi dongadarilo job sampadinche vadi kanna talent vunnavadu talchukunte samajaniki entho vupayogapadagalu, vaadu ee kulam vaadu aina.

    ee sodantha enduku , India lo konni jobs lo reservation vundakudadu, like doctors , police, engineers , civils, gov lawyers etc ila important sectors lo only talent , no caste or region. thats all , topic is over.

    Anonymous said...

    ikkada janalu talent..talent ani tega neelugutunnaru...
    mana india lo IT sector lo reservations levu ani goppa ga cheptunnaru..asalu india copms. nundi wolrdclass product vokkati vundaa !!!!
    Asalu mana politics lo most of the corrupted are frm OC..kadane dammu evarikaina vundaa...
    Ninne 1st.parlament member chepparu..only 1st 5yrs term was without any corruption ani..appudu PM nehru gadega..ante vadena corruption start chesindi..vadidi e cast???
    asalu aa time entha mandi SC,ST,BCs politics lo vunnaru..

    Talent kaadu mundu neeti..niyamam kavali..pakka vaadini dochuku bratukudam ane alochanalu vundakoodadu..But adi mana Agravarnalaki chala kashtamaina pani kadaa!!! konni vandala yrs. nundi ala dochukutinatam alavatu ayipoyindi..

    Anonymous said...

    @12:29 PM....
    i completly understood u and posted my points..
    when u say abt cleanliness..i am asking not abt present day..itz happening since centuries!!!

    and u say abt engg. and doctors..
    wht abt mgmt. quota seats..are they qualified!!!
    wht abt dumb ppl getting ranks jus by studying in some mug-up coaching centers!! are they qualified!!
    wht abt police PPL who got jobs through bribe...

    Bottom line is Prati vadiki India ila vundataniki reason Reservations anatam fashion and easy ayipoyindi...Blame pakka vadi meedaki nettesi..manam matram buddimantulam anukuntaru..

    Anonymous said...

    Ippatiki India lo chala chotla bayamkaram ga unnaru kontha mandhi. Watch "lesser humans" by anand patwardhan. edho meeru chudaledhu kabatti ledu anukovadam murkhatwam. Recent ga jarigina survey lo reservations valla sc st ki jobs ochayi kani inka majority of cleaning, sweeping, bathroom cleaners, punes, andaru sc sts but their proportion is much less as u go up the hierarchy.

    Ippatiki dabbu unna vallu seats konukkuntunnaru, leni vallu alage undipotunnaru. Reddy, Kamma, Kapu ani mana rashtra rajakiyalani brasthupattncharu. Evadni chusina kottlu kottlu bayata paddam. Kani oka badugu vargam vadiki gumastha job ochindhi ani pedda gola chestaru.

    My fathers friend is SC but he did not use his caste for his sons. Vallatho u hv to work hard becoz I am providing fr u, mee seat baga avasaram unnavadiki chendali ani open category lo vallu chadukunela chesaru. Anni vargallo manchi vallu chedda vallu untaru.

    A study done in USA and imitated in UP found that caste impacts kids mentality. Nuvvu lower caste ani cheppinappudu aa pillalu low level lo perform chesaru, when they switched to upper caste and told the kids that they were untouchable, they also performed low. This is called internalized oppression. Same principle in how girls are often told they cannot do math. As a society we need to change, just becoz u r born into something does not make u big or small, so stop believing in false identities and boosting ur false ego. Once that is stripped, u hv nothing left.

    It has nothing to do with cleanliness. My mother used to serve a maid in a seperate plate and glass that was kept in a scheduled plc. I still remember her face when she was eating the food. She clearly felt humiliated but could not do anything. After some years when our business was lost, we went thru lot of hardships and my mother had to do all the work herself. That woman sent her daughter to work for free for my mother. My mother served her along side me and my sister.

    Ur character should determine ur status; becoz we very well know that it is not the other way round.

    Anonymous said...

    india will never change unitill castism religion place important roles. india has so many problems other than caste. first let us think about the poor. still there are people who eat on the roads and sleep on the roads. why discussion always about caste which is of no use. does it provides food and wealth for the poor. why people are still so narrow minded thinking about the caste and discouraging the sc sts always. all the upper caste are in politics eating the money,. rich are becoming richer, poor are still going down. when compared to other countries world wide, india looks so dangeous with so many problems, forget about caste,even women are not given due respect, poor are treated like slaves. only politicians are living better life, living for themselves and robbing money and saving for thier future generation.

    Anonymous said...

    be an indian. not an human of caste or religion. try to be an example like ambedkar or gandhi or mother teresa. but not ciriticising caste and religion. if s cobbler doesnt ment ur chappal, u have to walk bare foot. if scavenger doesnt clean ur bathroom, u have to clean urslef. every work has its own importance. its like a cycle u each of us shud depend on ur next person for ur work. so think like a human and indian. just dont blindly blame a person or constitution. if u blame a great person. diginity of labour. a beautiful word coined by a great person. simply dont use the words fucking and dont degrade urself. cos, after fucking u were born.

    Anonymous said...

    @3:06 PM whats wrong with you man, i just gave few areas that we should not have any reservastions ( if at all we cant completely remove this system ) , ika motha list ikkada type cheyyali ante place saripodu, aa matram ardham chesukolevaa mastaru. oka pakka nenu talent kavali raa nayanooo kulam kadu ani netti badukuntute nuvvu "what about bribes " ani modalupettavu , inka em anali aa matram commensense ledaa.

    okka chinna point enduku ardham chesukolekapotunnaru.

    "andariki kula mata bhedalu lekunda chaduvukune avakasam kalipinchali, adi kuda nanyamaina chaduvu andichali . anadriki kula mata bhedalu lekundaa avakasalu kalipinchali thats it antatitho apesai. kani kevalam oka kulam lo puttadu kabatti chadvina chadavakapoina , knowledge vunna lekapoina jobs matram ivvakudadu. "

    ika okayana neethi nayayam antu matladadu, oka vyakti oka vihsyam meeda entha knowledge vundo teluskovachu , kani ade vyakti neetimantudaa , nijaiteega vuntada ani telsukotam chala kastam. andukani evadiki padite vaadiki jobs icheddama.
    OC lone ekkuva corrupted politicans vunnaru ani tega badhapadipotunnadu eeyana , mari Indian diffence lo , Indian space research lo , Indian medican and drugs lo entho goppa goppa vijayalu sadhinchina vallau OC le , reservasation candidate okkadu kuda ledu. mari deeniki nee samdhanam.
    India , IT sector antu matladutunnaru, assalu India lo IT sector lo manam chesthunnadi kevalam gadida chakiri ( ofcourse adi cheyyataniki kuda chala knowledge , hard work kavalanukondi ) inka worldclass product ekkadninchi vasthundi. okka company anna oka research center pettu , funds ichi oka vishyam meeda research cheyyandi raa ani cheptunnaya , eppudu choosina USA ninchi projects techukodam , ikkada janalani pagalu ratri vainchadam anthe kada.

    akkadikedo nenu oka vargam vallani encourage chesinattu matladatarenduku.

    ide nenu cheppdi. inthakanna nenu aravalenu, ardham chesukunte andariki manchidi.