Chandrababu Writes Letter to PM on Telangana

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  • Chandrababu Writes Letter to PM on Telangana

    Anonymous said...

    Chandrababu is a bastard which is proved most of the times.

    Anonymous said...

    chandra babu ottalu alipiri lo gallo ki egiripoyayi

    appati nundi ila behave chestunnadu

    Anonymous said...

    CBN is good leader, he knows when and where to react.
    T issue is not simple as giving speech on the stage.
    I think he taking good steps.
    KCR LAGA morige Kate, better wait and act.

    Anonymous said...

    CBN ... TDP ne naashanam chesindu... Telangana ki 'Yes' or 'No' cheppale... see BJP.. MIM etc.,.... because people like this.. there lot of diffs in common people...

    Worst leader.. leader should have risk taking ability...
    well, he is good adminstrator no-doubt... but useless as leader

    Anonymous said...

    When BJP was in rule, they never come up this T issue, they knows that this is too risky at that time. When they are in opposition, they always bring this issue to put trouble for ruling party. Comming to MIM they are nothing, they are most from HYD, of course they say TANDANA to T

    Can nay one tell me best leader in AP. pls no KCR.
    T issue is very sensitive matter, better not to react as Stupid....Chetta Chidambaram.

    Ppl always eat fruits, but never remember the tree.
    TDP is the same, today AP is surviving with TDP IMPLEMENTED. Policies.

    Anonymous said...

    I would prefer CBN to take life time rest by leaving politics. LEADER should stand in one word, not like GODA MEEDA PILLI, thats where credibility/acceptability comes in picture. TDP is almost gone in the state, I don't think it comes into power in near future. That has been proven by last few bi-elections. Any opposition party should get strong based on current situation in Andhar, but TDP loosing it.

    MADHUYASHKI is good leader, well educated why can't he should be a CM for Andhra ? Uttamreddy is also very good leader from Telangana.

    What is sensitive man, from past 60 years everyone is saying T issue is sensitive when you guys are going to resolve that issue. Always want to keep as sensitive issue and just pass the time ???????

    Are we really living in world biggest democracy, shame on Indian (congress) government.

    There are so many other folks from TN, which they don't want to come lime light by doing stupid publicity.

    Anonymous said...

    what would you do if you need a sensitive surgery

    wait and see until you die or go for surgery

    be wise

    Anonymous said...

    @ 10.13

    Andhra buddi chupettav.... why did u mention like "Can nay one tell me best leader in AP. pls no KCR"....
    KCR is one of the best leader in India. He has leadership qualities and risk taking ability. He hasn't used somebody's charisma....He has grown as a leader with his ability and understand public pulses.
    1.Chandrababu grown with NTR charisma.
    2.Jagan grown with YSR charisma
    3.YSR grown with Raja Reddy charisma
    4.Kiran kumar reddy????? Is he a leader?????

    Anonymous said...

    That is what my point, why good leaders are not comming to the picture.. All selfish leaders on the picture now

    Sensitive thing, if its belong to human body, that will effect only one individual not to entire state.
    Evaro okkaru pote no problem for state. These kind of issues will effecting each individual in the state.

    KCR is best leader, good luck, grow with him.

    Even Andhra ppl wants to divide the state ( it's much better) but needs to find out the way to distribute the resources. Fortunately / unfortunately all major resources are in T, that is the reason T ppl wants to separate. Is you guys are in Rayalaseema then story would have been in other way round.