Telangana Updates


Anonymous said...

Telangana is going to be big State?
Really they get benefit by division?
Or only political drama?

Can someone can explain pls.

Anonymous said...


Yes, Telangana folks will get benefit by division and I can't say it's big state but it should be a good state. It's dream of 4.5 cr. people in telangana, past 55 years people are fighting for it. I'm just wondering how could we say that we are living in world biggest democracy, if you are not fulfilling people rights.

Please don't say it's political drama, we need to have a dialogue to resolve this issue permanently rather just saying "Samaikyandhra".

What is other side persons right to ask people to live together when other folks want to separate. I think everybody has right to fight for their needs.

State should be divided in a brotherhood manner.

Before state get divided, we need to fight with Central for money to form a new capital in Andhra (around 50,000 cr.)

I hope all Andhra brothers can understand.

Jai Andhra !

Anonymous said...

50,000cr easy, just KCR / JAGAN/ Sonia accounts are more than enough to get it. Better fond the way to divide the resources, without any probs.
T CM is KCR?

Anonymous said...

Why everyone think Telangana = KCR ? there are so many intellectuals and eligible persons for CM post. There is already standard ways to divide the resources. Telangana is not the first state which is going to form in India, recently we have formed new states like jharkhand,chhattisgarh and uttarakhand in NDA government.

Anonymous said...

Well said... be mature guys !! even US is thinking for spliting further states.. Desham ante matti kaadoe desham ante mansuloe... ma population yekkada US population yekkada..

Anonymous said...

Yes time has come to divide telugu people. now dont delay it further. let them live peacefully in 2 different states. Jai Telangana