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Sujith said...

These idiotic politicans playing with sentiments of people. Cant imagine my Andhra Pradesh is getting divided. Its like something/someone is yours until today and will be Lost/Dead from tomorrow.Feels like a Death in Family.

Anonymous said...

shinde and congress are anti Indian elements.

Anonymous said...

Let us put aside the discussion about whether there will be Telangana or no Telangana. What surprised me is Sonia Gandhi's decision would be final, really?? Who is she to make any final decisions, Prime Minister of India? President of India? Or at least a royal descendant like Queen Elizabeth? She has no qualification to make any decisions on India and it's structure. This is the fate of our country, the country that was built by numerous sacrifices like Bhagat Singh, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Subhash Chandra Bose.

Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

She is the President of Congress Party.

Anonymous said...

How about Madras. You were divided from Madras. Don't you feel anything? Did you ever thought why the demand came? Did any politician, or a minister (supposed to represent the state) fought for the issues in Telangana? why not? Did you ever thought why the 601 GO is passed, and why it wasn't implemented. So you are thinking of one side, and fighting for part of the state. Then why you are asking for United.

Anonymous said...

@2:04 AM,
Refuting an Agitation – 101 lies & dubious arguments of T separatists book is available at the following website. Kindly read it and you will get answers to all your questions in the book.

Anonymous said...

Ore pitcha, donga telangana vedhavallara..memu madras nunchi vidipoyame kani, Madras maadokkaride, Tamil vallandaru akkadi nunchi velli povalani analedura vedhavallara, neethi leni telangana vedhavallara.

Naaku ippati varaku okkadante okkadu Manchi telanga vadu kanipiyyaledu. Telangana eppatiki radu, endukante mee daggara nyayam ledu.

Anonymous said...

@above nuvu moosuko ra kojja gaada?? kavalani recha godutunav?? telangana def ga vastadhi, endukante ma daggare nyayame vundi kabbati..

Anonymous said...

Telangama Lanja langa nayallara inka api gudha moosukuni koorchondi.

Anonymous said...

@10:11 PM,
Refuting an Agitation – 101 lies & dubious arguments of T separatists book is available at the following website. Kindly read it and then you will see there is no justification in the demand for separation.

Anonymous said...

Good.. Telangana is going to seperate...
How they going to seperate natural resources?...

Pilla nakoduku Rahul gandhi waht decision he can take on such kind of issues...?.

What is our senoir most leader PM doing?...

Andhara pradesh bagundali ante... we should pray for KCR's and H Rao's death..
Thas all. its my openion.. No worsh language Pls.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friends aftral we are telugu people don't use abusive language please, i think all are educated, samaikyandra means Telangana is also one part in andhra or not? It means we should agree or not for samaikyandra, It means you did fraud for Telanganites.

2. My friends raja gopal, kavuri and kvp and other people have lot of illegal and binami assets in hyd so they are against to telangana not for the andhra people

3. One can't blame the agitation of telangana, put politics aside about 900 students have died, is it not true? parakaala prabhaker took bribe from lagadapati and publishing these kind of unnecessary things.

4.We would like to live separate, it means we lost so many things, just aboout 20,00,000 are andhra, who are living hyd for the sake of them if telangana not divided it is called partiality.

5. Being a andhra parakala prabhaker, he is so much scared, if he introduces book in hyd, he is not going to be punished by telanganites, because too scary to release the book in hyd.

6. I can able to publish 100000 dubious arguments united state, but i am not stupid like parakaala, because i will respect equally , let them say the views but i will not release the book like anti united andhra.

7.We wish, would like to live seperate, don't force us to stay with you, there is lot of agitation is going on, please respect, irrespective of regions, this is my humble request to every one.

8. You capital is going to develop, yes there is definate competetion between telanagana and andhra but, end of the both regions will develop rapidly than now.

10 see my friends for last more than 50 years we lived together,lot of go's and rules cannot be implemented because of andhra cm's, now we lost lot of natural resources, water and development, even our telangana accent is also criticized by andhra, its my personal experience. so why should we live together further, let's divide live like brother states.

11. I remember when i was in 8th calss social book i studied that ''ADHIKAARA VIKENDRIKARANA'' distribution of authority, so that we can able develop very faster, bad ex: Hyd dist about 80 lakhs to 1 crore, who are living hyd and sec but unfortunately we have only 1 collecter, if you submit application, action will be taken after many years like wise unfit kiran reddy can't make magic for andhra. so lets divide. kiran reddy can't able to speak proper telugu, being a brought up in hyd also can't able to speak urdu or hindi, and many other disadvantages, becomes ap gone to 10 years badward.

so If we have two cm for two regions we can funds from central at the same time competetion between both regions to develop faster, bothe regions have natural resources, why don't we divide then, common. say JAI TELANGANA.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.6:02PM how can you say that telanga is not developed? and every district would like to have there own state for better do you accept this .. first answer to this question ..if people from every district make agitation and commit suicide for separate state do you agree ?First know that there should be some process to divide the states ..its not a pieace of cake

Anonymous said...

2. So is kcr. I dont have lands in hyd. I dont want my state to be divided just because some lazy fellow cant live peacefully with his neighbour. Its my home, your home you cant break my wall so you can have your piece

3 if a student looses his aim and gets addicted to drugs. He is at fault. His teacher is at fault his parents are at fault. Not me.

4 are you begging?. Just because you lost in gambling doesnt mean i pay the price.its selfishnesh if you ask for sucha help

5 same goes to you. Do you have guts to speak the sameway on face to your neighbor or coworker here in us

6 like the 10 dubious arguments you made here? Respect meaning calling me fraud?

7 no one is forcing to stay with us. You are welcome to leave us and go join taliban dont eat the cake we made

8 breaking a house is not development. You have no idea of what development means if all you think capital city is develpmnt. I pity your mindset

Missing 9

10 we all live under a united roof of india. If you cant live peacefully with people speaking your own language. Mlas mps elected by you. There is definetly something wrong with you. Your are unfit as a citizen of any nation

11 you read it in your 8th class read it now. Distribution of power doest mean 2 kings. It means empowering your ministers mlas sarpanches. You wont blame a single issue on them.did you realize you are going to elect the same peple who did nothing to you?

Anonymous said...

ABVPkilled many students and counted under T deaths.. 900 people did not die.. they killed the people and also they counted normal deaths into account.. Which is not true at all..

i am so pity on Tppl... good luck to you guys..
Telangana mind set is nothing in hyd development.. all andhra ppl developed.

once again good luck.

Anonymous said...

@4:43 AM,
Well said.
I always wondered why smart Germans believed Hitler, now I am understanding why they believed him after seeing support to KCR, who talk nothing but truth.

Anonymous said...

kcr truth ahh @5:29 are you f*ing kidding me.... hez a blody damn F*ker. why does he keep quite sometime and why does he jump some times? hez fine as long as hez getting his green packets.... i luv telangan ppl coz they are innocent only problem here you ppl are brainless... oka gorrey loyaloki dookindhi ani migilina gorreylanni dookayanta... atla undhi mee siddantham.... kaan ikkada kcr aney gorrey dooki nattu pretend chesthundhi and meeraandharu nijamga dhookithunnaru.... i still dont understand manaki antha pedda problem emundhi separate avataaniki.... kcr is a drop of poison in bowl full of milk.

it is heart wrenching whenever i hear seperating AP... my ancestors are from coastal andhra and we are in hyderabad from three generations.... what abt our emotions???

human beings are very complicated.....u always need some reason to discriminate..

okadu india pakistan seperate annadu...
meeru seperate telangana antaru...

next muslims in telanga ask for seperate state....

college lo local non local.... andhulo malli cast feeling... again rich n poor
beautiful not beautiful
intelligent or a non intelligent

eppudu dhenko dhaaniki kottukovali evado okadu goppad and prove cheskovili.... nonsense

Anonymous said...

11.31 picha na gorre.sarigga comment chadavatam nerchuko

Matt Pachi said...

We should give Telanga including HYD. It is still India, its not going anywhere and administration will be done more effectively.

Indians do vekthi pooja, and they can glory even a guy who committed rape. Some people are there who say rape is required to suppress women, such a worst mentality.

CBN, Ramoji,RK and etc with their writings misleading people and projecting that there is a huge loss if AP seperates... Think like tis it is still in India. As I told to safe guard these upper caste illegally aquired lands and assets they are triggering these people and mana gorrala mandha dobbu vunna vaadu emi chebithey vallu adhey follow avutharu...

Anonymous said...

Matt patchi,

Neeku avesam ekkuva alochana takkuva, Hyderabad telangana ki pothe neeku vache nashtam ledu. Kani Hyderabad lo vunna enthomandi middle and low middle class vallaki problem.

Hyderabad seperate ithe, land value 50% paiga down avuddi. Illu takattu petti, pillalanu chadivinche vallu pellillu chese vallu endaro vuntaru.

Deeni valana enno business lu debba tintai. Vallaku nashta pariharam evaristaru. KCR gadi, KTR pocket lo nunchi istara. KCR gadu oka mental nayalu. Vaadu pakistan terrorist la antha dangerous

Anonymous said...

Think about the issue... What would u do??

Forget political mileage and all .... We all know the famous three options
1. Split
2. Split with hyd as UT
3. No split

The safest of all is (3)... we are in the era of diplomatic politicians and we don't have a single daring leader at the centre to take a stance to face the ire of consequences if they opt for (1) or (2). Ex. Subash Chandra Bose was a strong leader who went against Mahatma to start an army... It is a diff issue that he was swallowed by the politics in congress at that time.. Indira Gandhi was a strong leader and was able to separate Bangladesh. Glad she did that .... Omg!! Pakistan as a neighbor on both sides ..can't imagine.. Of coulrse...She had big flaws in her judgments though the Sikhs issue..

Dynamic and strong leaders are needed to solve complex and sentimental issues like this... which we lack in India today. Incapable and indecisive leaders drag the issue till the last mile and that is what congress is doing. It wouldn't make any diff if it was NDA or UPA or third front.. We just lack strong leaders... Who think about the nation and not about their political gain or wealth.

Karra viragakudadhu paamu chavakudadhu antey illaney untaadhi

Matt Pachi said...

There is nothing wrong in seperating TELANGANA, I am from Vizag, you should give Telangana, it is still in Andhra, you can go an come, if you have an house even price comes down a littile bit teporarily still picks up soon, up and down is quite common, look at our rupee value against dollar can you stop the down fall, can you take it as a challange and stop falling the rupee value..? idhi cheyya levu gaanu neeku economics plus Value thokka totakoora..

You should give Telangana and stop lan grabbing activities.. you have illeagal lands and to safe guard those you are playing all these drama.

Actually soon are the days Okka Okka Telangana bidda okka okka bomb ayyi mee illaloo pelithey naa sami rangaa Telangana dhaan antha adhey vasthundhu.

Anonymous said...

6.36 matt pachi. Nee pellanni na daggara unchu. Taruchu vachi chhostu vellu nakem problem ledu. Nee daggara unna naa daggara unna emi pharak padadu.

Anonymous said...

Matt Pachi,

Pichi ka matladaku. Nuvvedo samajika vadivanukunna. Pedda verri puvvu lagunnavu.

Anonymous said...

Oreeeeeee 6.36.
do you have brothers?.. and you divided from your family?.
and do you know how difficult for parents to divide the childrens?.

Think practically.. imagine whole state is dividing and where all natural resources stored/located at once side..
Dividing is very difficult in practical.

Matt Pachi said...
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Matt Pachi said...

@5:17 PM orey aada pillalanu ammesthunnaru raa...? inkaa emitraa nuvvu Family goorchi matalaaduthunnavuu... Pasi pillalanu ammadam, Aada pillalanu ammadam antey vallu FAMILIES Levaa ? Nee thotti logic emiti raa..? Mee brothers Aasthi panchu ko ledhaa... Thalli ni nuvvu, thandrini nenu panchoney anna dhammulu leraa...

Emiti raa samsrukuthi nee lesson?