Case filed against Sonia Gandhi for false promise


Anonymous said...

Good, now file cases for every other promise made by every other leader, which was not fulfilled.

One can trust politics, but not politicians.

Anonymous said...

Mari BJP kooda promise chesindi kada, Telangana ichestara..Anni partylu anthe, vedhavaliki power kavali anthe.

Anonymous said...

BJP made a resolution one vote and two states in Kakinada in 1999.

However in an April 2002 letter to then BJP MP A. Narendra, LK Advani had said “regional disparities in economic development could be tackled through planning and efficient use of available resources”.

The government, therefore, does “not propose creation of a separate state of Telangana”, the April 2 letter said.

Is state BJP going to say LKA cheated telangana and therefore file private complaint against him?

Anonymous said...

LKA as Union Home Minister in 2002 told the Congress that it was best to avoid re-opening the issue of creating new States.

"Setting up a States Reorganisation Commission is bound to set off vociferous demands/agitations for the creation of these and many other States. We will, therefore, be sparking off pockets of unrest in a large number of places. It will not be possible, on the other hand, to accede to many of the demands on security or practical considerations," Mr. Advani said in his letter dated January 5, 2002, to Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

The then Home Minister said it was perhaps "best if we avoid reopening the issue of creation of additional States." He said the Government was aware of the demands for the creation of Vidharba and Telangana, and pointed to the sporadic demands for the creation of Bodoland, Gorkhaland, Kamtapur, Bundelkhand, Harit Pradesh, Paschim Pradesh, Poorvanchal, Saurashtra and Kaushal.

Mr. Advani said as regards the cases of Uttaranchal, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, they stood on a different footing where the parent State felt that a part thereof may be reconstituted into a separate State.

The politicians say something when they are power and another when they are not in power.

Anonymous said...

Whoever has filed the case, should first check and maintain his accounts properly. Otherwise, IT & CBI can screw him tomorrow!