Discussion w/ VH on Alipiri Issue


Anonymous said...

Vediki Individuality ledu. pedevadu anna respect ledu...I hate this guy..

Jayaseela K said...

To become perfect in our spiritual life :

1. we need to give our heart to Lord Jesus Christ Proverbs 23:26

2. we've to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy
and acceptable to Our Lord Jesus Christ Romans 12:1

3. Use our time for Gods work Philppians 2:4,Ephesians 5:16

4. Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the firstfruits
of all your produce Proverbs 3:9 n also bring tithe Mal 3:10

5. Members of your whole family will serve the Lord Jesus Christ
Joshua 24:15, Genesis 7:7

6. we've to give our lifes to Lord Jesus Christ Rom 16:4, Gal 2:20

7. we've to obey for Gods willing in our lifes Mat 26:39,John 6:38

8. Whatever gain I had,I counted as loss for the sake of Christ
Gal 3:7

In Christ

Matt Pachi said...

@7:17 Good information keep it up.

Anonymous said...

VH ni kotti prayojanam ledu. Andhralo unna congress leadersni rallatho kodithe appudu vallu naatakalu maani resign chestaaru.

Anonymous said...

Uneducated Media of India and Andhra. Learn Real Telangana Maps.
youtube v=Tu3pHWo-pus

Just as the neighbouring country which illegally occupied and displays Jammu and Kashmir in their Maps, Nizam Telangana, born from the army action of India displays regions Bhadrachalam, etc belonging to original Indian region Andhra in its maps. Correct yourself National Media, Andhra Media and International Media. Nizam Telangana agitation is the worlds biggest fraud movement that came to fruition without even sorting out the right regions and maps, the first step ignored in the process for the making of the worst statehood in the History of Modern India that began with the most clear and undeniable fact twisted and unlawfully claimed -- the regions claimed in the maps.