Hanuman Junction

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    Anonymous said...

    This movie really made people laugh alot at that time.......

    Anonymous said...

    aa cow scene ithe keka nenu ithe navvukoleka chacsthunna choosina prathisari

    Anonymous said...

    veoh player pls

    Anonymous said...

    see dvd print in youtube

    Anonymous said...

    Super movie!

    Anonymous said...

    A variety multi-starrer movie with good humor and apt roles for all. Hope so called big heroes come forward without thinking about star image and all.

    I couldn't laugh when the so called young heroes comment that we need mega budget,super taking efforts to accomodate Jr.Ntr-Balayaa, Charan-Bunny, etc., They think that they are superheroes already. Hahahha...

    Anonymous said...


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