Lava Kusha


Anonymous said...

wow super movie.. songs r awwesome

Anonymous said...

marvelous movie. but too many songs every 5 minutes still grt music and lyrics so okay to listen.

Anonymous said...

thanks for movie

Anonymous said...

Excellent movie,,,,,,,,thanks

Anonymous said...

seethamma varu enni kashtaalu paddaro kadaaa.... ento devudike kashtaalu tappaledu.....

Anonymous said...

ee child artistlani last year tv lo chupinchaaru. ippudu vaallu chaala peddavaallu kaani chaala beeda parisithi lo vunnaru.
i think one boy is now a tailor and the other one is some daily wage itseems.
life ela turn avuthundo evaru cheppaleru kada!

Anonymous said...

entha chakkani chitram. ahaa entha chakkani sanniveshalu... movie choosthunte kallalo neelu thiruguthunnai....... Ramayanam lanti ghadha nabootho nabhavishyath

Anonymous said...

abhey pukesh 9:56 AM andhulo pedda vadilaga act chesindhi nandamuri rama krishna thanu aa cinema taruvatha chanipoyadu, andhukey last puttina vadiki rama krishna ani malli pettadu NTR and tana perumedhaney rama krishna studios and rama krishna theater kuda kattindhi abids lo.

Anonymous said...

hello howle 11.53..
Lava - Master Nagaraju
Kusha - Master Subrahmanyam

Facts theluskoni matladu ra vedhava. vallu prasthutam financial ga weak ga unnaru

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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darshini said...

ee link lo react ayina sadhuvu garu evaro kani super asala, ramgopal varma ni full ga tittaru. enjoy guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Recently, Kodi Ramakrishna says in Padutha theeyaga show that this movie should be in World movies library and foreigners would learn about this movie which has been told long before.

The care, dedication,star cast,values through the movie,songs n music by Ghantashala & direction by Pulayya & C S Rao
are indeed a gem of a kind.

Hatsoff to all those people who made this movie and enthralled us.

I think the kids should be shown such movies to indicate that we used to rule filmy world in the past.

Anonymous said...

ee cinemalo pedda vaadiga vesindi master Nagaraj....he died long back...second was a girl..after completion of 70% of the movie the production had to be stopped due to some financial problems.. the children were 8 yrs old at that time..after 2 yrs from then, producers wanted to resume the that time kids were 10 yrs old and the girl was developing adolsent signs....that is why you will see the kids bare chested in some scenes and in other scenes they will be wearing animal skin...also you can see in this poster that both the kids are upto the shoulder height of anjali devi...but if you see the climax, Kusudu (pedda koduku) will be almost upto Anjali Devi's head height and he will be wearing the animal skin on the chest....that is complete story of this movie and the child can notice the proofs urself if you watch the movie carefully..

Ravindra Reddy kandula said...

Superb movie...excellet action by Legendry great NTR....

Anonymous said...

Excellent Movie!!! Must watch!!!

No where compare to Sri Rama Rajyam movie...

Anonymous said...

regarding lava and kusha i trust SPB, watch this video from 10:49

Anonymous said...

1:01 PM, That's in Tamil. As the movie took more than 5 years to complete, due to Financial Reasons. Both Telugu and Tamil Movies were started Simultaneously!!! However, C Pullayya felt it to be too taxing and stopped in between, His Son CS Rao completed the unfinidshed task.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right state of mind would say Dont watch or time pass for this movie?

Brandonhlqr said...

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Anonymous said...

This is NOT A Movie!!!
This is A Master Piece!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Movie sooper..songs and lyrics are great..

but Ramudi ga NTR..chacham vadini choodaleka..Pedda potta vesukoni..musalimoham vesukoni..over action colour barre la vunnadu..
photos lo..kathalo..Ramudu ante..voka feel vuntundi..ramudu ila vuntadu ani..ajanubahudu..aravinda netrudu antaru ramudini..

veedemo...banda potta..musalimoham vesukoni daridram ga vunnadu..

Anonymous said...

hello 3:24, poni balakrishna ni pedadaama? leka chiru no nagarjuna no pedadaama Raamudi ga?
dude, NTR does over acting. True, but for Mythological films, it was Perfect, that overacting was needed. It is in social films, that we couldnt stand NTR with his bojja and hippi style wig

Jayaseela K said...

Please listen :
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Jayaseela K said...

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Anonymous said...

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