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    Anonymous said...

    kotta movies em leva??????????/

    Anonymous said...

    genelia baaga exposing chesindhe!

    Anonymous said...

    she is not even needed in this movie.I can't comprehend how she accepted this role..
    She did all kind of bull shit and don't even care to thank south film industry on national television.

    Anonymous said...

    good movie.

    Anonymous said...

    idi oka english movie copy. peru gurturavat ledu. game, game lo rajiv kanakala Dialogues all same to same copy kottaru.
    kakapote koncham telugu masala vesaru ante.

    Anonymous said...

    Telugu Guys....Are ass holes...behind north pussies...U are useless guys use and throw guys...

    Anonymous said...

    orey edava meeku ollu rangu lavu tappa burralu vundavu ra.meeku o paddata pada nee bonda moosukone

    d........gey chal

    Anonymous said...

    10:37 PM mo...r F***er you lick telugu peoples assholes.

    Santhi said...

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    Anonymous said...

    Excellent movie.....Rajamouli movies lo maghadheera and Sye are good movies.

    Anonymous said...

    i don't know what made you to that comment.People like you are disgrace to India.

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    Anonymous said...

    all rajamouli movies have copied script and scenes.