Jagadguru Aadishankara


Anonymous said...

I watched until ASAcharya started performing magic. That scene with Suman made me so angry. Director and Team, this is a true story of a great teacher. If you cannot depict it in its pure form, don't do it. The way they were giving hi-five and the arrogant attitude the actor shows is utter nonsense.

An enlightened being becomes more humble and calmer and tries to show people the right path. As someone who understands that all emotions are only related to the body and since life in the body is temporary humans need to seek ultimate truth by being detached from ego, anger, sadness etc, ---Adi sankara would have been beyond these futile dramatics.

I am not only disappointed but angry at the way they made the story so cheap.

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Anonymous said...

Nice movie. Every one please make time and watch it.