100 Days of Media Ban in Telangana

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    Anonymous said...

    i am from andhra and i totally support KCR's decision about media. samajanni nasanam chesindi ee media , okko media okko party , especially TV9 is worst of the worst. please ban TV9 every where.

    Matt Pachi said...

    Yes those two channels should be banned for ever, they never supported Telangana and top of that they diluted and discouraged Telangana very badly instead of gving unbiased news. If the CM is not their caste they will discourage what kind of news channels are those. FYI - I am also from Andhra.

    Anonymous said...

    fuck you yesupichayya. Nee okkalo telengan support cheste ban a. pakodi meeda padi edavtam tappa sonthaga piki vache buddi nee blood lo ledu