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    Anonymous said...

    Daridrapu Telangana Gola.

    Anonymous said...

    Admin please post Paradesi(telugu) Ragavendra rao movie.......

    Anonymous said...

    Admin please post Paradesi(telugu) Ragavendra rao movie.......

    Jyothi said...

    amma avani song was really nice

    Anonymous said...

    Daridrapu Andhra naakodukula gola nunchi vimukhti labhinchindi....

    Jayaseela K said...

    Please listen :

    Sameepincharani Thejassuloni Vasiyinchu Vaadavaya .... Jayaseela

    Vidachipodu Nee kurpa Yennadu Yedabayadu Nee Krupa Yennadu .... Jayaseela

    Jayaseela K said...

    Today GOd wants to give us seven invitations to our spiritual lifes

    1. Ivintation of the rest Mat 11:28

    we may come to Gods presence with the burdon of
    unemployment , sick , debts.God will take away our
    burdens n wil give us rest

    2. Invitation of Salvation Luk 3:3-6

    when we set our crooked paths means when we give up
    wordly things 1 john 2:16,17 then God wil give us His

    to whom who has desire to have salvation God is
    going to giv salvation Ps 12:5

    3. Invitation of Wisdom Pr 9:4 , James 3:17, James 1:5

    type of Wisdom James 3:17
    Whom God is going to wisdom James 1:5

    4. Invitation of spiritual food Isa 55:1

    God is ready to give us His living water John 4:10
    God is ready to give us His living bread Jn 6:51

    5. Invitation of sharing the word of God Isa 6:8

    In this world when we do any job we need to study
    n show them certificats, they wil experience letter
    but to share the word of God we need not study any
    thing but we should have desire Mat 10:2-8,Luk 5:10

    6. Invitation of spiritual blessings Deu 28:1-14

    if we keep Gods commandments Mat 22:37-39

    7. Wedding Invitation Mat 25:6.

    God is inviting everyone to His wedding Mat 22:2-10
    (plase read this portion from your bible then you
    will know who came to this wedding invitation)

    This message is from the Holy Bible
    In Christ

    Anonymous said...

    te lanja gana gola

    Anonymous said...

    razakarala kaallu naake KCR ki konchem ee cinema choopinchadi. Nagi gadu jeevitham la acting nerchukodu , ee charater vesina ade expressions ande edichinattunde dialogs.