Saradaga Kasepu

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    Anonymous said...

    awesome movie ever seen..........

    Anonymous said...

    yes its is a good movie

    i totally agree with him

    Anonymous said...

    simply read the comments

    then watched with no expect-ions but it rocked

    every scene is comedy......

    after a long time, vamshi got our hearts.

    Anonymous said...

    print ela undi?

    Anonymous said...

    really vamsi is very talented. different type of taste.especially he shows the heroins very beautifully..his films songs also very lovely....... this one also nice.can see once.very neat.

    Anonymous said...

    vamsi talent ki bagundi.he always think differently.low budget movies bagunatai.

    Anonymous said...

    VANSI Indulo 2 songs padaru,voice chala different ga undi.

    Anonymous said...

    waste movie, free ga vachindi kabatti ok, otherwise over action from allari naresh and others

    Anonymous said...

    Nee yabbba...entha chetta movie ante...Burrolendu evadiana ala theestada sodhi movie...cinema motham..tu nee yabbba....

    America nunchi vachi photos ku chusukora....Vamshi...Edugu Koddiga....Naresh gadi Sodhi cinema antha...Phone Chesi Chavachi kada miss aiththe...Valla Nannaku ...tu emi cinemara...

    Anduke adaledu...Cinema titel baga saripoindi "Kasepu matrame Cinema Sarada..taruvath aanth asuthi.

    Anonymous said...

    ok movie

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for posting many nice movies.

    Please post Premato Raa Telugu movie starring Simran, Venkatesh

    Anonymous said...

    Good comedy movie!!

    Vamshi said...

    ok kind of movie..but low standard

    Anonymous said...

    Ha hahah Another copied movie. Chee telugu vallaki okati original ga theyatam raadu.

    Its copied from old Malayalam movie. Copied scene to scene but added extra stupid comedies bit.

    Anonymous said...

    Movie is good. Oh, Vamsy! what an imagination?
    Great presentation aand heroine projection. it's hard to get your thoughts..The colors,lighting,costumes,etc.,
    amsy, Ur music sense also...amsy, your music sense also is awesome..I liked the heroine, Madhurima...

    Tollywood needs such gems.

    Anonymous said...

    Ee ammayi Madhurima ni baaga choopinchaaru Vamsy.Athani movies lo visuals heroines, music superb.

    Madhurima 'Aa Okkadu' ane movie lo kooda super gaa chesindi acting.

    Alanti talent ni support cheyyali... Thanks for posting!

    Anonymous said...

    I liked the comedy dialogue when Naresh says to Ahuti that 'Emi US lo Pasarlapudi undakoodada? Paiga adi Obama athhorillu Uncle... Hilarious.Vamsy-Hatsoff!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Vamsy has a great taste of colors,visuals,music and comedy which is well-shown in the movie. The gal, Madhurima looks awesome thru Vamsy's lens.

    Vamsy is truly a legend in Telugu films.

    Thanks for a good entertainer!

    Anonymous said...

    the biggest flaw of the movie, in this modern times with cell phone , can't he make a call and find out? this simple flaw totally ruined the interest on the movie and every one who saw the movie pissed off

    Jayaseela K said...

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