Balayya uses his mythos


Anonymous said...

The Character plays important role in Indian caste system not the money.
All people looks same in colour, blood, dressing however their characters are different.
Arundhati devi panchama jaati kanya (born in to Dalit family) married to Vasista (kshtriya became sage) she became idol, goddess to all Hindus & became super star in the sky. Newly married couple must see Arundhati nakshtram as per Hindu dharma sastrasto get punyam and to follow her character in their entire life. But how many people are following?

Uppu kappurumbu okka polika nundu,
chuda chuda ruchula jada veraya.
purushulandu punya purushulu veraya
vishvadabhirama vinura vema.

Krushi unte manushulu rushuloutaru, maha purushulu avutaru, tarataralaki taragani velugoutaru, elaveluplu avutaru.
By throwing shit on others we don't become good. God is watching every one from top. He know who is good or bad. Money makes people to live in luxury life but they don't get respect in society like others. Lord Rama & Sita's story is good example.

Anonymous said...

is he the banda babu of TFI , who still depends on his father's name ????