Stone Attack on CBN @ Pulivendula

  • Attack on Babu during Pulivendula campaign-1 | Part2
  • Chandrababu explodes on Jagan & his suporters
  • Jagan's supporters attacked Babu: Yerram Naidu
  • TDP MLC and Shobha Nagireddy about attack on Chandrababu

    Anonymous said...

    Where is AP is going dude? Never change Never again. Other south indian states are growning like super sonic.

    Anonymous said...

    i think first word you learnt after going to usa is DUDE

    other than that all mistakes

    ekkada ekkda nunchi oodi padthoro

    if u cant speak or write english then dont, atleast write in telugu DUDE

    Anonymous said...

    Bhhasha kanna Bhavam mukhyam. Just because he does not know English, you can not ask him not to write any thing dear "Anonymous"

    Anonymous said...

    yeah, AP ante bayam ga vundi anni states bavunnay.... manam mathram ila....chala badaga anpistundi thaluchukunte.... evvaram inka em cheyalema ? ila chustu vundalsindena ?

    Anonymous said...

    If I have a chance I will try to get into these politics not to save but to be more on the corruption side.

    Dengichukune vadiki (prajalaku) leni bahda dengevadiki enduku (politicians)

    Anonymous said...

    @ 9:57 PM,

    very well said, dude.