Lawyers Murder: An act of Pervsion


Anonymous said...

look at her pics...surely she wanted to be provocative!

Anonymous said...

ohoo...ante stalking chesi, plan chesi murder chesinodidhi emi thappu ledhu. Ame ala pics digi, vadini provoke chesi, stalking cheyyamani balavantham chesi, murder cheyyinchukunda....


Nuvvu india lo kadu, aa Saudi Arabia lo undalsinodivi.

This comment is an absolute evidence for how male-dominated the society is. The fault is always with the victim and not the perpetrator.

Rape jarigithe, aa ammayi elantidho emi chesindo antaru.
Husband inko sambandham pettukunte, wife intlo sarigga chuskoledhemo anduke bayataki velladu antaru.

Mari adhey oka wife verey vaditho sambandham pettukovakkaraledhu. ....matladithe chalu, ameni husband champesina husband ke support untundhi.

Dude, nuvvu chesindhi "Victim blaming". Ye adapilla, ee dress lo naku rape jaragocchu ee roju ideskuni podam ani alochinchadu. Just like men want to wear jeans and dress fashionably, women want to live their life as well. When it is not wrong for one, it should not be wrong for another.

Even if a woman is naked on the street or she is a prostitute, NOBODY has a right to rape/murder her. Stop being self-appointed self righteous custodians of female morals and try and follow them urself for once.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:47pm
I am a woman and I respect you for what you have written.

Anonymous said...

bagundhi, anavasaranga champesaru

Anonymous said...

Please take this as a general comment and just think about it for a second...

Indian people (both women & men) has to understand the simple thin line of what a fashion can be up to. Once this limit crosses, provocation will start and this gives bad impression on that person. The above picture definitely crossed the line. Same of the case if any one male person opens the shirt too (like Salman..)

Anonymous said...

Islam lo adavaalaki burqa estru..enduko telsa.....1. Adavari andam okka bharta ney chudali ani..i understand this point. 2. Valla andam chusi magavallu provocate avvakudadhu ani.

Ante the responsibility for not causing the man's dick to raise is on the woman and not the man who owns the dick.

Similarly, ammayilu culture ki value ichi fashionable ga dress avvakudadhu ani cheptharu. Endukante ilannti sangatanalu jaragochu ani. Ante, oka perverted mind fellow actions ki ee victim responsibility vahinchali ane kada ardham.

Asala provocative ga dress avvakudadhu ante mana indian adavallantha inka janma lo cheera kattuko kudadhu. Ee fotolo kuda thanu lakshanamga cheera kattukundhi. May be a friend took that foto which is obviously not meant for public but for personal album to share with friends who will not judge her because they know her very well.

Manalo entha mandi hero laga heroine laga foto digamu chepandi. At least one pic untundhi. But when ppl who dont know what you are see those pics they may judge you.

Mana Indian culture lo olden days lo adavallu oka cheera lanti vastranni chuttukune vallu. blouse lu kuda veskone vallu kadhu. Adhi mana cultural dress. Cheera kanna jeans chala conservative dress. Ikkada US lo cheerani chala uncultured ga chustaru because it exposes naval and waist.

Nenu chala countries thiriganu. But inka age old cultures ni follow ayedhi mana indians ye. Particularly ammayilu. Inka cheeralu kattukuntunnaru. Mari magavallu panchelani odili 50 years ayindhi. Mari manam culture ni follow avvakunda, pilaka juttlu panchelu veskokunda thiruguthunnappudu, ammayilani culture follow avvamani cheppi decide chesey adhikaram asala arhata manakekkadivi!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:02 I am a male. Cheera kattadam raadanukunta neeku. Your opinions are biased. Many countries praise Indian sarees. Saree is evergreen, endukante comfort untadi adavallaku, even while they work. Mana Indian samajam lo magavaadu pani cheyyali adavaallu intini choosukovali ani inka paatisthunnaru kaabatti cheera inka brathiki undi. Next generation, may be in 20-30 yrs saree vadakam thaggipothundi. Women may wear it only in occassions. Be strong, do not blame men for Indian women life style.

Archana said...

@1.02 I totally agree with you.
And @3.58 Have you ever been in any country other than India?? Sarees are never comfortable for a Woman. Wear one and try to work and see how it feels yourself.

But seriously, after reading all the 'women should be like that or do that- comments' posted on this website....I feel sorry for being a woman and that too an Indian. I come from a country that's full of hypocrites and who never even understand that all a Woman ask's for is her independence as an individual.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:58 I am a male annappude neeku cheera comfortable aa kada ani opinion ichey chance ledhu because you have not experienced it. Adhi okka rojantha kattukuni pani inti pani chesi, bayata ki velli buss lu ekki digi, market ki velli job ki velli randi. Appudu thelusthundhi adhi comfortable aa kada ani.

Ayina okka individual ela dress cheskovalo cheppey adhikaram evariki ledhu. It is the wish of that person. When I don't tell you what to wear, dont tell me what not to wear.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:55 and Archana, amma thallulu meeremi vesukuntaro mee ishtam. If you read my comment, it is very clear that, I was telling only my opinion about "Saree". I never said women should wear only sarees nothing else. Grow up girls. I encourage individuality, don't misunderstand me. Prathi daaniki serious avvadame kaadu, koddiga mundati vaallu emantunnaro artham chesukovaali. I clearly mentioned I am a male. Meeku sanskaramunte nannu kattukuni choodamanaru. Enjoy the life in your own way, no one is stopping. Chebithe vinaka pothe chedanga choostharani telugu saametha. But thanks for criticizing me.

Archana said...

@8.28 ....Sorry for being harsh...Kani have been reading too many comments on how a girl should be and should not be and was just frustrated.

But eppudu meeku ardham aindi you felt when someone crticizes you? Alane maaku anipistadi...each time someone say's do that and do this because you are a girl.

Sorry again, I need not had to be so rude and I was.

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