Telangana discussion in Parliament and RS


Jayaseela K said...

please listen :
Sameepincharani Thejassuloni Vasiyinchu Vaadavaya .... Jayaseela
Vidachipodu Nee kurpa Yennadu Yedabayadu Nee Krupa Yennadu .... Jayaseela

Anonymous said...

Is Hari Krishna pleading for Telugu Status or discussing for the state issue? If there are people who cant understand Telugu in the hall, it is common sense to speak in a language understood by everybody. What he finally gained by speaking in Telugu there? He could not make his point to the audience! then how he is caring for Telugu people! Unfortunately, he spoiled the opportunity to express the feelings of Telugu people and how he is for |Telugu?

Anonymous said...

Also, Hari Krishna says that it is the duty of the parliament to arrange a translator to him. I agree with that, But, he is late to the meeting.. he is allowed at the last minute, don't he has the duty to tell that he needs a translator? Is it something Parliament have to keep translators all the time who can speak Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and all...

Anonymous said...

Harikrishna gaadoka pedda tagubothu...

Amavasa mottham taaguthooo koorchoni punnami mottam padukone o panikimalina Edhava...

Sudden ga niddara nunchi lechi...evaro oka cinema writer raasina dailogues ni batti patti teesukoni velli chadivi appacheppadu...Ee pagati veshagallaki unnapani emundi...

Anonymous said...

Hari krishna gadu ennadanna Parliament ki vellina facena. Tonda mokam veedu. 4 years lo first time vachhadu hall ki veedu janala problems chepthadu.

Jayaseela K said...

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Anonymous said...

congress vaallani raallatho kottali. appude veellaku buddi vastundi.