KCR gets death warning from Andhra Naxals


Anonymous said...

Big joke. Who belives kcr . Vadee pedda naxal idiot . Dramas vaddu .

Anonymous said...

It shows Naxals vast presence in Andhra region..

Infact they have spreaded from Andhra region to rest of the AP (Formerly called, now it separated into two states Telangana & Seemaandhra)

I hope they (Andhra state) would be able to control the naxals...otherwise Telangaana state would also help them if they request for help....

Jayaseela K said...

Please listen :

Sameepincharani Thejassuloni Vasiyinchu Vaadavaya .... Jayaseela

Vidachipodu Nee kurpa Yennadu Yedabayadu Nee Krupa Yennadu .... Jayaseela

Anonymous said...

AP separation increase has become true. It is immaterial whether naxalism increase in telangana or seema-andhra. The bottom line is that the separtion increase naxalism, which will affect national integrity. Therefore the separation bill should be defeated in the parliament for the sake of national integrity.

Jayaseela K said...

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Anonymous said...

naxal leader KCR ki jindabad.....telangana vachaka KCR gadu telangana vallani naxal tho looti cheyinchi ee naxals seemandra vallu mana telangana vallani dochukuntunnaru antadu kuthe KCR.... veedi babu nirod vadalsindi anavasaranga puttadu....

Anonymous said...

KCR has AIDS bayya

Anonymous said...

Kcr piƱa attack plan..... Baaaaa thoooo... Antha mogodu unnada AP la