Train Stunt Kills 14yr old


Anonymous said...

This TV9 stupid bastards think their audience are also stupid...

They spend lot of time with youtube and find some kind of wiered videos...I don't think they are india....they could be in Pak, Bangladesh and srilanka...all these trains looks similar...

Don't forget watch the below link...this is the same video that Tv9 was showing....have fun...and know the reality of TV9

Anonymous said...

telangana kosam maro pranam bali ayyindi , inka entha mandini chaputaru raa , chivariki monna pakistan lo bomb petti telangana ni addukodaniki try chesaru .. .. ooh sorry same comment raasi raasi alavatu aipoindi.

Anonymous said...

@ funny ... Many people who committed suicide for t-gana might have done so because of personal problems.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.49 PM...

Why don't u try to make New jersy City ur Andhra capital?

B'cause, you andhra people developed it by investing in homes, real estates, established hotels, consulting companies...etc what not...NewJersy has developed so much from 1950 by u andhra guys.. (Look at youtube video the then timings)

So, it should be part of Andhra and NJ city should be made Seemaandhra Capital....let's fight for it by call off one more Seemandhra bandh....

useless Andhra fellows...big loosers and dick face fellows..

Jayaseela K said...

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Anonymous said...

Kalakarulu oka pranthaniki chendhina vaaru kaadhu ani statements ichina herolantha eri. Ippudu maatladatamu ledhu?

Anyayam ayindhi antunnaru. inni rojulu memu mothukumtunte evadu maatladaledhu, endhukani? adhi prajabiprayam kadha?
Hyderbad ;ands anni ammi develop chesaru. aa dabbula lekka edhi