UNMUTE - A message to all the leaders including Modi


Anonymous said...

First of all let me start by saying the most important thing.

Well done.

This is not something new. These emotions have always been around and yet no one paid attention before. How does this election change anything? We know politicians have gotten to these highly elected offices by promising so many things to so many people.

Even though the most important thing "the vote" got them into these positions the politicians think this is the least important.

They have to take care of their party members and liasons who helped paved the way to this win. They have to take care of their family. They have to take care of the opposition who will blackmail them.

I just hope leaders emerge from the country and not just politicians who say this is the only way they can govern.

Then there are the people who will fight about castes, religion, economic status and place instead of being united.

Anonymous said...

Great My friend
We need be a good citizen of Bharath too