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    Anonymous said...

    I heard that he is the only one person in the whole world film industry that his face is correctly suitable as Jesus Christ.
    But really his face is suitable as Jesus Christ. by the way what he is doing now? why he is not in the movies?

    Anonymous said...

    There is no historical evidence as to the existence of not sure if he looked like VijayChander as we are not sure if he ever existed. It is quite possible that he is a mere figment of imagination of the early jesuits who compiled the Bible in 300 AD. Or if he ever existed he might have looked like Saddam Hussain (middle eastern appearance) or an African since he is supposed to hail from Middle East/North Africa...definetly not a blue-eyed caucasian which is another figment of imagination or a scheming conspiracy by the western white suprimacists.

    Anonymous said...

    @Anonymous good explaination....

    Anonymous said...

    @7.33...heyy even I always had tht doubt....Why would Jesus look like a European if he were from middle-east.
    Your explanation sounds interesting!! thnx bro/sis :)

    Anonymous said...

    Yes, he would have middle eastern looks and definitely not a white caucasian, if at all he ever existed which is highly disputed by historians. In any case, the point is Indian spirituality is the mother of all philosophies in this world. Hence why should we look elsewhere when answers could be found 'within'. There is NO religion in this world which has more to offer than what Krsna's Karmayoga or Buddha's Vippassana have for us.
    Therefore, let's look for that divinity within rather than searching for it in 7th heaven or middle east:).

    Anonymous said...

    ma KCR anna kooda jesus lagane vuntadu. emi takkuva. migilina vallu antha waste. ma kcr anna wonderful. mass dialogs cheputadu. evarina cheppagalara. narukutha, kosta ani...he is real hero

    Anonymous said...

    @4.14.....very funny man...u must b truly anti-telangana

    Anonymous said...

    Anon 7:33 "There is no historical evidence" i disagree on this there are lots of historical evidences for this if you want to ignore that is fine. Why Saddam? he might have looked like a Greek hero or a Roman they are also from same place and at same time. Most probably like a Greek because of hellinistic influence. What is supremacist in this? you create your own jesus in your own native skin tone. Loosers complain supremacists.

    Anonymous said...

    Not sure if you will ever see my response, since i have seen urs a wee bit late. Nevertheless, here are my two cents. No contemporary literary work that was produced around the purported time of Jesus, makes any mention of him. The chief among them is Josephus's Antiquity of Jews which is a widely accepted history of Jews by the experts from West. It makes no mention of Jesus Christ or the 'stories' surrounding his birth. For example, the book mentions of Herod The Second, but does not make any mention of 'Massacre of Innocencts". For historians, 'Massacre of Innocents"is just a pilfered myth from oriental religions. Another example, Christmas is celebrated as Christ's B'day. But it actually happens to be a borrowed custom of 'Sol Invictus' (The invincible Sun God) which happens to be the true religion of Constantin 1. There are many such historical proofs to dispute the existence of Christ and which are probably beyond your comprehension.

    Now coming to his looks, it is funny you mention 'Hellenistic' influence. Not sure what you mean by In any case just so you know, Jesus happens to be a Jew according to your own bible. Not a Roman and definitely not a Greek. So please rule out your visions of blue eyed European looking Jesus. That is just another cunning ploy of westerners to propagate their white man's burden philosophy on poor souls like you. There is nothing to whine about it, especially when the damage is done to this world. So don't worry I am not complaining. I am just saying that he doesn't look the way he is pictured. If not Saddam Hussein, he probably looked like some Israeli Rabbi or a Arab, but not what you envision and definitely not Vijay Chandar. Please let me know if you still have any questions. I will be checking the messages for another two days. Or contact me on this mail id:

    Anonymous said...

    vow...excellent discussions...did any one tell me about davinci code..i haven't watched that movie...just a brief of it ....

    Anonymous said...
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    gopi said...

    The gist of da vinci code is Jesus was a mere social reformer, (Dan Brown was also skeptical about his existence), if he ever existed and that he was married or was in a relationship with a woman called Mary Magdalene. According to the author he might have even fathered a daughter. Now, this very same Mary Magdalene is depicted as a whore in bible and that Jesus redeemed her from sin. But according to this author (and not just him but historians as well) Bible was a book compiled by a council convened by Constantin 1 in 300 A.D. This king made sure he allowed only those gospels into the bible which spoke of Christ as god or son of god and discarded all those gospels which spoke about him as a human (that too married). Hence, according to this author, the church infact diluted the true teachings of Christ who advocated that sex is not sin by catagorizing Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. They ensured, by their bogus gospels, the male domination of Church by outcasting Mary Magdalene as a sinner. As per the author Christ was a feminist and he wanted her to take charge after his death, but Peter or Paul conspired against Magdalene and were successful in ousting her.

    Academical opinion Regarding these gospels - remember these were return 300 years after the purported time of Christ and were mere figments of imaginations, stories copied from existing religions. Orientalists believe 'Massacre of Innocents' (King Herod killing all children born around Christ's birth time to make sure the hiding baby Christ is killed) is copied from Bhagawatam where Kamsa orders the killing of innocent children when Krsna escapes from prison. Likewise, the christmas day as it is celebrated as Christ's birthday was infact the birthday of Mitras (the vedic sungod) in whom Constantin 1 believed to the end of his life. This guy made sure all Christians celebrate the birthday of His God in the name of Jesus:). There are umpteen such instances to dispute his existence or divinity.
    But definitely Da Vinci code is a wonderful book. There is no denying that. Apart from this religious discussion from a historical perspective, its a spectacular thriller. You will enjoy it.

    Anonymous said...

    i totally agree as someone said
    "There is NO religion in this world which has more to offer than what Krsna's Karmayoga or Buddha's Vippassana have for us"

    Anonymous said...

    gopi ur explanation makes sense yar.
    great answers.

    Anonymous said...

    Gopi you are excellent with facts.keep it up!

    about God/almighty, we can get all true answers from our Vedas and Upanishads about what is god,his(her) existence, how the world was formed, why he created this world.

    It will be impossible to find such answers with a such great precision in any other religion texts except in vedas and upanishads, which are nothing but scripts of great "debates" by our Rishies but they not just written by some author just be sitting at one place under a tree!

    The reason why we(Indian) are in this world for so many thousand of years because of spirit and broad understanding of our dharma!

    btw, NASA found two new planets. In our Vedas, we already mentioned about other planets and life with all their precise location and directions! but we don't believe it because we don't have historical facts!funny thing is our Vedas are historical fact scripts!

    Anonymous said...

    for all the guys who wrote shit of Christianity(I am not a Christian though, but seven year full fledge research on this issue)
    First of all Jesus is not a god neither Rama or Krishna. All these are prophets of God.
    Hindus never accept this fact. for them Rama or Krishna is a god. The true religion spread by Rama or Krishna has vanished long back. the new Hinduism is the one which profoundly supports each and every toy, tattu or stone.
    Every prophet who came to this world left their message and with time it was corrupted by some mean people. Every book by their respective prophets clearly says that the subsequent prophet will come with certain form or time.
    If hinduism has a such a strong concept or truth in it then why this conversions. It is Hinduism which is loosing its followers fastest than any other religion. Majority of Hindus are vexed up with the stature of women in their religion, double standards in their religion. All the Devi's in Hinduism are connected one way or other to prostitution or adultery. Women of low character are eulogized and in reality they are treated in worst manner. Hinduism needs self introspection to know the reality. No reason beating the bush.

    Anonymous said...

    @ 4:32 seems hypocrie and funny guy...go to hell..I am not against to any religion..but to my experience, Hinduism is the most tolerable religion in this world..

    Anonymous said...

    First, there is no scope for prophets and prophecies in Sanatana Dharma. All Dharmic religions be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism or Sikhism speak only one Truth. Aham Brahmasmi. Seek God within. Know Thyself. Self Realization is the only path for Salvation. That is exactly why we (Dharmic worshippers) never required the services of a Messiah or a Prophet or a Son of God :). You are free to believe and follow your concept and understanding of Godhead/Divinity. But to categorize other beliefs in the same length is nothing but moral
    desperation that comes out of the futility in converting every human on the face of this earth.
    Krsna & Rama are not mere prophets.Nor were Gautama, The Buddha and Vardhamana Mahaveera. They were born as mortals but attained immortality by their deeds and by their never ending quest for The Absolute Truth. Bloody myths are there in every religion. But what finally matters is not 'miracles' but the true spirit behind those stories. I read bible & Koran with the same devotion I read The Gita. I dont have to agree with everything the Semetic religions say. But believe me, I do
    respect them. Yes, what you said is true. Today's Hinduism is not the same as the Rig Vedic Hinduism. If you start comparing from 3000B.C. Hinduism changed with every millennium. But who are you to question it? You think Islam remained the same since Prophet Mohd. Or is Christianity still the same since Constantine 1? Religion evolves with
    the society and changing times. We believe in a pantheon of Gods and we believe in Idols. We will continue to do so. I think that is the beauty of our religion.
    It teaches me the tolerance towards other faiths and reminds me that though there are different paths the End is same. My beef is not with Xtianity but with the hypocrisy behind the venom you spew.

    Anonymous said...

    Secondly, Status of women? You think women are better off in other religions? If so, which religion? According to Bible A woman who gives birth to a child must undergo a purification ritual lest her "uncleanness" contaminate others. This not only entails her isolation, but also payments to priests for the ritual acts. Thus the male dominators had even made birth dirty. Please refer Leviticus 12:2 and 12:5. A priest's daughter, if found to have lost her virginity without marriage, can receive the death penalty in the form of incineration. Refer Leviticus 21:9. Koran and even Manu smrithi have similar verses. Why do we have them? To any sane mind, it is not difficult to understand that these verses are mere products of those times. Are you insane? And again I can quote verses from Hindu scriptures
    which bestow equal status upon woman. Is that adequate to revert back all those who were converted becoz of the so called inferior status of women? Open your eyes bro. Religion is not responsible for the plight of women. It is the men who are responsible. How much intelligence one requires to realize this simple truth?
    People convert because of the stupid propaganda the church wages in India. The poor are 'bought' and faith is 'sold'. How can you convert people by speaking lies based on
    haphazard knowledge about established norms? You think it will sustain Xtianity for long? 100 years from now (with all the growing science and tech) do you honestly believe that people in India would believe in a God who never existed and a 7th Heaven that was never there? About ur rants on Mother Goddess, I will leave it to your discretion. All I can say is research before you speak. History is such a wonderful subject that it not only teaches you the patience in accepting the truth but also broadens your horizons so that the next time when some pastor in your church makes the same rant you can remind him that you are there to hear the Gospel Truth but not blasphemy against another religion. Finally, let me conclude with the few facts I learnt. Josephus' Antiquity of Jews makes no mention of the savior. Bible was compiled 300 years after the supposed crucifixion. The Gospel of Thomas calls the savior as 'Jesus' and 'son of man'. The Gospel of Thomas also lacks any mention of Jesus' birth, baptism, miracles, travels, death, and resurrection. The ancients had a better grip over Reality. They knew that the sun dies on the winter solstice, stays in one place for 3 days and then rises back to life on the 25th. Even the druids celebrated the 25th as the day when they knew that warm days would be returning. Constantin 1 who worshipped Surya made sure that the life source of this planet is worshipped even after his death by deciding 25th as Christmas. Where is the proof? Religion is blind faith. But to promote and propagate it at the cost of other religions is a sin. Lets follow our faith, but lets not tell others that ours is The Only Way.

    Anonymous said...

    you did 7 years "full fledged research" and found what? Rama and Krishna spread religion?!? WHAT?? who said they born to spread "HINDU religion" ? so your stupid research found there was no Hindu religion(in-fact Dharma not a religion) at the time of Krishna and RAMA?!? from where you copied your research thesis idiot?

    who said Rama is God or prophet ass-hole? on who's shit you did your full fledged research? Rama never said he is God or son of god in Ramayana neither its author Valmiki. Rama never said to follow him or any religion.He has shown how a normal human being can lead a life.By doing so he attained a God's stature and respect among the world that time. He is not a prophet.

    YES! Krishna is a direct incarnation of God himself not prophet stupid!

    OH! you said you are not a Christian? what a hippocratic ass-hole your are!

    What else crap you found in your THE GREAT "research"? when are you expecting your NOBEL prize?

    Anonymous said...

    if you believe that Christ is a prophet, then u are a muslim :). I respect your belief, but dont u tell me that it is the And status of women in Islam... i will stop there. Lets not talk about it

    Anonymous said...

    Everybody must watch this movie.
    - Kishore

    Anonymous said...


    So if someone does not agree with Hinduism they automatically become christian?

    I am christian. That being said I also know everyone is smart enough to believe and follow their own religion. Only problem is find religion on your own not because that is the only thing one's family knows.

    Religion might need research but faith does not. That is why faith is something you have on something that is not yet proven. That does not mean faith is not correct.

    All religions started out to teach that humanity is what sets us apart and to follow something for the good of mankind. Somehow since the dawn of religion people started fighting to prove that their religion is better than all the others.

    Whatever your believe that is fine as long as you are willing to find the truth behind it not blindly believing it because someone else told you to.

    Anonymous said...

    I know of Many Good Christians,but the low caste converts from Sanatana Dharma to Christianity, the evangelists are The Worst and Intolerant!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Gopi and other friends..
    I accidentally stumbled into this forum and went through the interesting discussion. In my opinion, some of the arguments were true, some plain arrogant and others,propoganda masquerading as "History".

    The prob with typical educated indians--especially those abroad is that they are educated mostly in Sciences and engineering (mainly with an aim to gain upward mobility in the strictly hierarchial society) and there is hardly anyone who studies history (or any social sciences, for that matter) that is taken seriously. None of us can deny this fact. None can deny the rote (memorising) style of our education and less or no emphasis on logical thinking and reasoning.

    First let me clear some facts:

    1. Dayamayudy is not the story of Christ but a movie based on the life of St Paul, a highly educated Jewish scholar, who wanted to persecute the followers of Christ while He comes to a transforming encounter with Christ on his way.

    2. Gopi seems to have watched this movie Da Vinci Code and already made up his mind about its historical/factual accuracy. I can disprove the propoganda in an academic and scholarly way.

    3. Gopi also got his source of "Mitra" "Dec 25" "solistices and equinoxes" "massacare of the innocents" and other wierd ideas from a so-called documentary called Zeitgiest. I call it wierd because the makers didnt even know the difference between "Son" and "Sun" and conclude that Sun of god actually became son of god...just an example of its wierdness. Their references all over the film are based on one or two sources, that doesnt make it scientific in any sense. So, if you are a lover of history and are fascinated by it, get it from original sources and books--not from propoganda movies and videos.

    Anonymous said...

    4. Coming to the western propoganda of Christ being a caucasian...I agree with you totally. Jesus was an Asian and he came from modern day west Asia. But how many of the middle age painters were able to see Middle easterners those days? So the paintings are mere deciptions and no one believes them that they are 100% authentic. God is a spirit and one should worship Him in spirit of truth and honesty.

    6. Having reminded that Jesus is from Asia, we should also remember that the gospel of Jesus came to India (in the first century to South west India) while the Europeans were roaming in the jungles as Barbarians. Branding it as "western religion" is incorrect as there is no such thing as western religion.

    7. Historical accuracy of Jesus is not proved till the 300 years? What is your source? The last book of the Christian's holy book the Bible was completed in 96 AD. The Bible is not a single book but a collection of 66 books--and not written by one or two guys--but by over 40 writers--starting from kings, prophets, leaders, farmers, cllectors and shepherds. Mind you, the time and space was vast--from the first to the last books, the time frame was 1,600 years and the writers lived in different geographical locations. The unifying theme was Gods plan of redemption for the world through His own son Jesus Christ.

    8. Reg calling some one a "prophet" Let me remind that if Muhammed was a prophet for muslims, how can all other others of all religions be brought down to the level of "prophet"? Is it to make some sort of egalitarian idea with muhammed himself?

    9. If Muhammed's Koran claims that there were numerous prophets before him and steals/attributes the entire Jewish history (and most of Christian history) as its own,(mainly to claim longer history) Why should one accept that Muhammed was the last one? Why cant there be more prophets coming with the news of God and asking people to lead a good and godly life?

    10. One side we talked so much about the greatness of our civilization/religion/equaity/sciences in vedas, etc etc. Why cant our vedic scholars discover the planets and declare it before the NASA does so? everytime a new discovery is made, we gleefully claim "oh ya...we had this written in our books thousands of years ago". For me this is plain hypocrisy and arrogance. And some pple were addressing people by their hierarchy in the caste system! This shows our level of maturity and ideas of equality. Liberate your minds folks.

    I would like to hear some more responses and will be glad to clarify on anything mentioned in this post.


    Anonymous said...

    maakoddu ee dayamayudu please.

    Anonymous said...

    Good one anon 2:56 PM

    Anonymous said...

    @12:36 christianity ki mundu India ela vundedo , vachaka elaa vundo chodu, meeku snanam cheyyatam kuda raani time la , ikkada sandhya vandanam vachindi , meeru earth flat gaa vuntundi ane rojullone ikkada graha sastram puttindi , earth to sun entha dooramo cheppindru , meru patchi mamsam tine rojjullo ikkada adbhutamaina vyvasayam vachindi , meeku medican ante ento teliyakamundu ikkada kadupulo pindam elaa perugutundo chepparu .ilaa cheppukuntaa pote 10000 examples chepachu, okka sari history chadivi comment cheyyi, indian science evidham gaa samanyulaki andakunda chesaru mee chritians , okko desanni 6 months dochukunnaru war gelichaka , inka emi miguluddi ikkada , janalaki mundu batakadaniki tindi kosam edukkune paristhiti kalpincharu , inka science gurinchi , maakunna knowledge gurunchi emi alochistharu , nee matam , avatalivadni champi vadni dochukoni , nuvvu bagupadu ani nerpindi , kaani naa dharmam , veelainantha varaku manchi gaa, dharmam gaa vundu ani nerpindi.

    neeko vishyam cheptaa vinu, malli prapancham motham bharatiyya dharmam vaipu parigette roju vasthundi , mee matam vallu kanipettina medicans vesukoni janalu pitchollu avutunnaru , ippudu andaru ayurvedam antunnaru , mee matam vallu kanipettina engines, industries valla vaataranam kalushitam aipotundoo ani meere gaggolu pedutunnatru, chivariki mee matam vallu kanipettina fridge water kuda danger , eart pots lo water & cooking cheyyandi ani british vallu cheptunnaru ...etc etc malli 10000 cheptaa. bharatiyya dharmam gurinchi matlade arhata neeku veyyi janamalu ethina raadu.

    Anonymous said...

    Appreciate your feedback.
    A few things first. Never assume the world to be like you. I am not an engineer. I am into investment banking. That being said, I do have firm background in history, not because of academic interest but out of personal curiosity. That being said, I dont have to prove myself as to what books i referred or how i came to my conclusions. It is enough to say that i read enough to form my opinions.
    Here are my two cents-
    1. First, I never watched Zietgiest. Heard about it a lot. But never watched it. One of these days, I will definitely watch now that you recommend :).
    2. Secondly, the primary sources of my argument are -
    Christmas Mythology by William Edelen
    Josephus' Antiquity of Jews.

    Here is what Edelen says in his work-
    Mithraism (6th century B.C. Persia and India).

    Mithras was born of a virgin, with only shepherds present. Mithras was known as "the way," "the truth," "the Life," "the Light," "the Word," the "Son of God," and "the Good Shepherd." He was pictured carrying a Lamb on his shoulders. Sunday was sacred and known as "the Lord’s Day" centuries before Jesus was ever born.

    On December 25th, there were glorious celebrations with bells, hymns, candles, gifts, and "communion" was observed by the followers. From December 25 until the Spring Equinox (Estra or Easter) were the "40 days" which later became Christian Lent. Mithras was finally placed in a rock tomb called "Petra." After three days he was removed with great festival, celebrations and joy. The followers of Mithras believed there would be a day of "judgement" when non-believers would perish and "believers" would live forever with Mithras in "paradise," which is a Persian word, not Hebrew. All of these mythological formulas were later absorbed, by diffusion, into the Christian cult and their rituals.

    This is the same Rig Vedic Mithra.

    Anonymous said...

    3. I beg to differ on your chronology of biblical gospels. Bible was compiled by Nicean Council of Constantin 1 around 300 AD. The oldest gospel of New Testament (Gospel of Mark) is written around 200 AD. Hence, it can never be considered a contemporary work.
    Mind you, I am referring to New Testament. Not the borrowed theology of old testament from the Semitic religion:).
    The bottomline is there is NO literary evidence from contemporary literature. The conclusion, Jesus is Myth.
    This is not my opinion, but of scholars like Robert Price and Thomas Brodie.
    Look up yourself. Do an impassionate and unbiased research. quaerere, et invenietis :) .

    4. Here is what Robert Price says - The epistles, written earlier than the gospels, provide no evidence of a recent historical Jesus; all that can be taken from the epistles, is that a Jesus Christ, son of God, lived in a heavenly realm (much as other ancient gods, e.g. Horus), there died as a sacrifice for human sin, was raised by God and enthroned in heaven.
    My source is not some documentary but a product of interest and research in history.

    5. Finally, about Thomas visiting india. There is no historical proof. It's another myth propagated by the missionaries in their greed to proselytize every non-believer in India. This was corroborated by Pope Benedict's admission. Kindly refer this article -

    Anonymous said...

    6. What I tell you is what historians believe. You need not believe it nor accept it.
    But facts remain facts. No God on this planet can erase them.
    That being said, please know that India belongs to everyone. It is not just for Hindus. Along with Hinduism - all other religions are followed in India.
    But historically, only dharmic religions are native to this land of Karma whereas the Judeo Abrahamic religions were born elsewhere and exported into this country. Yet, imho they are as Indian as Dharmic religions.
    Worship Yours and Respect All is my motto. Should be yours too.

    7. Finally, No comments on your immature rants on Vedic wisdom. My advise - Read, research and fill yourself for the sake of know the truth. Not to prove one upmanship of a belief system on another. I think this is crux of the problem with all Judeo Abrahamic religions. Their bigoted missionary zeal and refusal to see other means of worship is root cause of all conflicts in this world today. This is exactly why someone here equates Gods to prophets. When you think you are ordained by the God to bring every non-believer into your belief system, obviously questions as to authenticity of your scriptures will be asked. When you cant stand these questions, you have no right to proselytize.
    The day when the semitic religions stop proselytization and realize that "plurality is the basis of mankind and there is enough room for every belief system in this world" would be etched as the Day of Deliverance in the Human History.
    Any ways Merry Mithras Day to You and Your family members
    And Merry X'mas too

    Krsnam Vande Jagatgurum

    Anonymous said...

    Here are few more facts in case any one is interested -
    Let's see what other ancient super-heroes were born to virgin mothers:
    Anahita, virgin mother of Mithra
    Ishtar, virgin mother of Tammuz
    Persephone, virgin mother of Dionysus
    Maia, virgin mother of Hermes
    Myrrha, virgin mother of Adonis
    Semele, virgin mother of Bacchus
    Ceres, virgin mother of Proserpina
    Isis, virgin mother of Horus
    Athena, virgin mother of Erichthnonius
    Xochiquetzal, virgin mother of Quetzalcoatl
    Juno, virgin mother of Mars
    Net, virgin mother of Ra
    Antiope, virgin mother of Amphion and Zethus
    Nana, virgin mother of Attis
    And the list goes on and on, there sure were a lot of virgin births back in the day, and many born
    on Dec. 25th !!!

    Natalis Solis Invictus! ;-)

    Anonymous said...

    Who is trying to convene who? Everyone hear are just trying to fill knowledge into preoccupied minds..

    don't bother... no one is going to change their opinion reading others comments here...

    Just don't waste time guys...

    Hindus believe their gods
    Christians believe Jesus
    Muslims believe Alla
    Sikhs believe gurunanak
    and so on....

    no one will accept the other religion as true religion or their god...

    Beauty of India... just worship whoever/whatever you believe...

    That being said...all religions have common good principles

    Respect others and other religions and everyone will be Happy....

    When looking at other religions just look into to good and stop focusing on the the not so good and abusing the religion or god...

    MATTI PICHAYYA ...are you listening?

    Anonymous said...

    @above , ade kada problem , too many cooks spoil the dish annatlu, andaru cheri assalu vunnadi voodipoindi.

    its simple , prati desaniki oka dharmam vuntundi , aa desam lo puttina or vunna prati okkallu aa dharmanni acharinchakapoina , daaniki against gaa vundadaniki prayatnam cheyyakudadu , oka simple example , nenu pakisthan velli pork enduku tinaru ani adakkudadu , endukante adi valla dharmam. but india vishyam ki vasthe 10 mandi vunte chalu emaina cheyyachu , adenti ante India democracy antaru.
    india ki oka dharmam vundi , nuvvu evarni poojinchina ee desam sanatana dharamam matram acharinchi teerali , appudu evvari madhya ee godava vundadu, ade bhinnatvam lo ekatvam.

    Anonymous said...

    With the latest available archaelogical evidence, even the stories of old testament (the hebrew bible)are turning out to be mythologies pilfered from elsewhere.
    Here is an example. The Noah Ark was never constructed and the whole story was borrowed by hebrew scholars living in Babylonia. Refer to this article-


    Anonymous said...

    Lovely Indians arguing about whether Jesus existed. LOL

    Which is more believable? Noah's arc or a god made out of flour, with head cut off and elephant head attached to it.

    Which is more believable? The calendar we use based on a figment of imaginations death date or an entire heaven where there are Gods that live like humans with a wife and kid and they are gods that have kids who are gods.

    If you don't want to believe something fine don't believe, but atleast try to refute it better logic.

    Nonsense remains nonsense, even when talked by world-famous scientists.

    Anonymous said...

    @5:38 It could be all about Mary and Jesus described with different names? That is very hard to believe but we will believe folklore about Rambha, Urvasi and Menaka LMAO....

    Anonymous said...

    @stupid with Noah's arc example. we believe that God use bhasma to recreate the Universe , not by gathering 8600000 types of species and put them in an arc. Bhasma particles carry the genetic information which is science. now u tell me which is more practical Noah's arc or Bhasma, and who knows science better. regarding ganesha: Parvati is symbolic of festive energy. Her becoming dirty signifies that celebration can easily become Rajasik, or feverish and can take you away from your center. Dirt is symbolic of ignorance, and Shiva is symbolic of the Supreme Innocence, Peace and Knowledge.
    So when Ganesha obstructs the path of Shiva, this means that ignorance, which is an attribute of the head, does not recognize knowledge. Then knowledge has to overcome ignorance. This is the symbolism behind Shiva chopping off the boy's head.Elephant represents both gyan shakti and karma shakti.
    The principle qualities of the elephant are wisdom and effortlessness. The enormous head of the elephant signifies Wisdom and Knowledge.
    Elephants don't walk around obstacles, neither are they stopped by them. They just remove them and walk ahead – signifying effortlessness.
    So, when we worship Lord Ganesha these elephant qualities within us are kindled and we take on these qualities.

    Please read symbolism in Hinduism and try to understand the real reason behind Bhagvan Vyasa maharshi giving the puranas. Vedas are pure knowledge and puranas explains vedic concepts in detail through these characters.

    Anonymous said...

    @12:42 Wow so you can give examples of interpretation not literal sense but no other religion can give you interpretations.

    Your ignorance is visible clearly when you try to refute everything by assuming only you have true knowledge.

    No wonder hinduism is full of ignorance.

    Like I said Nonsense remains nonsense even when uttered by famous scientists or pandits.

    Anonymous said...

    an image in mind makes us feel.
    nobody knows how krishna looked like,but n t rama rao was well received in that role,so is with vijaychander.

    Anonymous said...

    dayamayudaa nee tata parraaa , mundu poi west lo nee biddalu islam loki jump jilanilu avvakundaa aapuko , taruvatha ikkadakochi suvarthalu chedduvugani.
    akkada nee biddalni vongobetti bagaaa pedatunnaru. motham nallollu islam loki hyd lo red area loki doorinattu dooratunnaru, akkadpoi pettuko nee verri poo suvartha sabhalu, late chesthe gaddam peeki chetala edataru.