Arranged Marriage

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    Anonymous said...

    Nice short film! Picked up only positive points! To project arranged marriages r gud and India is gr8!

    gr8 try and u suceeded! but I dnt agree with his concluding statements!

    90% r arranged and 5% is Divorce!

    90% r forcibly Marriages and more than 50% dnt know how to seperate bcoz of the responsibilities and kids,20% Copromises, 10% have illegal affaira and its goes lik dat!

    Its called Forcibly Marriages not Arranged!

    In movie point of view vry vry nice! I picked up sum gud points from it, how to approach and wat to ask! THank u 4 dat!

    Anonymous said...

    arrange marriage = adjustments
    love marriage = still adjustments...

    so, y waste time in love
    y not have some fun time having one love

    both are right....

    Anonymous said...

    elagu adjust avvalsinde kada..
    love chesi atleast kaasthaina enjoy chesthe baguntundi kada life..

    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...

    @ asalu video girl enni lan ja kathalu paduthundi pichi mun da

    papam abbayi buddhi mantudu laga unnadu oka lan ja ni chesukunadu

    Anonymous said...

    Girls love freedom. So give it in its purest form.

    I said purest form - Don't be biased and then ask after a while "Do you still need freedom in its purest form"

    For me freedom in purest form is "the way I am", the hard work, the learning, the discipline, occassional fun, more than that learning the value of penny by earing it with honesty and sincerety.

    So just provide freedom and equality and let them know what it is.

    (Atleast a few indian women such as the wife of a political leader or a contractor do pooja every day to keep that bastasrd alive)

    Anonymous said...

    Arranged and love both are good as long as one wont cross barriers ans steel ones freedom. Self respect , giving freedom to your partner makes a successful relationship. If one has to adjust more losing their freedom and happiness then it is hell in any type of marriage.

    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...

    Parents maata vini, vaallu cheppinattu naduchukuni, vallanu happyga unchandi.
    Marriage ayyaka girls koncham adjust ite, sad emotional reactions choopinchakunda unte, konnalaki, like some 3 years after, guys will start loving their wifes and naturally fall in love with them. ammayeelaki koncham sahanam undali. I am a girl and I am completely telling this out of experience. Believe me.

    Anonymous said...

    4.30 arrey abbai, endhi edhi mareenu asalu padhathi padu lekunda. mari antha gatuga cheppa maaka, hurt avutharu kadha. You have every right to express yourselves, no complaints on that. Koncham romantic touch ledhantey koncham smooth ga cheppu. just na abhiprayamu cheppanu anthey thammudu, malli nannu dobba maku.Kocham sportive ga teesuko.

    Anonymous said...

    @6:12 asalu neee bathuku entha nuvvu entha naaku salaha chepthunavu

    nee life mothani oka line lo summarize chesthe idhi

    puttavu - dabbulu sampadisthunavu - chasthavu

    papam nuvvento neeko thelesey lopala chasthavu

    so musukoni naaku salahalu iyyaku

    you cannot even dream what i achieved in my life

    velli nee pellani aina suka pettu

    picha na ko

    Anonymous said...

    what did u acheive a job in
    mc donalds??
    yes ths good aceivement compared to your previous jobless

    Anonymous said...

    @7.16. This is 6.12. Sir nenu emi annanu sir mammalni, Koncham aa ammayi ni ala gaatu matalatho kakunta nee kopam ledha abhiprayamu koncham manchi ga cheppu annanu. anthey kadha. daniki koda kopam vasthey ela sir. Maybe neenu meeru sadinchinandha life lo sadincha leka poyi vundavatchu, kadhu ananu. Kani endhuko meeru manchi mood lo lenattu vunnaru. Koncham relax avandi. ee site manchi movies vunnayi. nanchina movie choosi relax avandi. Weekend enjoy cheyyandi. Hope everything will be alright and you would be happy again

    Anonymous said...

    @7:16 poor fellow. Get well soon.

    Very nice short movie. Very well directed. We all respect parents. one will be said "achieved" only if her or his family members are kept happy, then you will be happy too. Face the problems equally as you enjoy the good times. Respect your betterhalf always. It is a small life, just be on good side.

    Anonymous said...

    Over 90% of marriaages in india are arranged. 5% divorced. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG. Now a days more then 40% of arranged in fall in divorce. reason is independent women voilant aganst her husband fall into attracted to dowry harassment law called 498a and spoil husband life. so divorce rate incrasing exponentially in India now. for more info google for 498a true story infront of you.

    Anonymous said...

    @6:12 and 8 PM - I am the guy from 7:16. Please accept my apologies. I was pissed that my probe is not responding to my commands. Some shit magnetic interference from our beloved Sun.

    Sorry mate. Good catch that i was not in a good mood :)

    Anonymous said...

    7.16/11.04 tammudu/sir apologies emi avasaramu ledhu, as you said we are mates. lets be good to all. May be you are going through some rough times. It does happen to everyone. Be nice try to enjoy life. I cant ask you to share your problem here in a public form, but I wish everything works well for you. I do sincerely hope and wish you get what you want/deserve. thanks for the reply. Wish you all the best.

    Anonymous said...

    Love marriages sucks bro! telling with total experience.
    Santosham cinemalo dialog cheppinattu,
    Love cheskovadaniki iddaru chaalu but for marriage rendu kutumbalu kavali.

    Entha love unna sare, every small issue about each other parents or relatives turns into a fight.

    Best advice is follow the west. Date longer and then marriage.

    Anonymous said...

    I like this documentary.. and I still believe in arranged marriage.

    Anonymous said...

    @ 10.46 pm....dont skew statistics for ur selfish gains. More than 50% of women are abused in relationships. Men do not give them financial freedom, they cannot wear wat they want or even eat what they want. This is not adjustment. I agree there are some who misuse law, but that percentage is negligible compared to the percentage of abused cases that go unreported.

    Someone three years the husband will love his wife. What is this crap. A woman has to wait to be loved by her own husband like a beggar in the street waiting for food. What if it doesnt happen.

    Both men and women have to change because times are changing. Men must treat women with respect and let them grow intellectually and professionally.

    Women have to support their husband emotionally and let him achieve his full potential without dragging them back.

    Love marriages or arranged marriages, couples should marry only if they are compatible. Their goals for life shud match and both should have patience and communicate properly to make necessary adjustments.

    Divorce rate in India is not reflective of the failed marriages as someone else mentioned here. But in the next 20 years, it will soon become a problem because women can now come out of marriage if they are not satisfied.

    Love marriages in India are a joke because a large percentage just are attracted to each others looks, but looks fade and love wanes off. Love is much deeper and it will not be affected by changing trends. If u can hate a person u once claimed to have loved,,,u have never loved.

    Anonymous said...

    @5:52 i completely agree with u....and about the 3years waiting for the love of the man is BS...prema kosam opika ga undala prema untene pelli chesukunedi em matladutunaru...and dont even say that ur husband didnt even touch in those three when he touched u he touched u without love??? i think ur answer for this will make u think back either to wait for his love or not!yes u have to respect ur parent's but at the same time u need to have self respect to even say that "oh u need to wait patiently for 3 years to gain the love of ur partner" compelete BS.

    Anonymous said...

    @ the 3years waiting girl...sad emotional reaction chupinchakunte asala relationship ki meaning enti? em chepukokunda dachesukunte bagupadipothada matlade dani lo kuda koncham artham undali...okalaki okalu share chesukuntene adi relationship meeku dani artham telidu anukunta and nenu kuda ammaine...kani mee laga 3yrs wait cheyaledu emotions ni dachesukuni okala prema kosam.

    Anonymous said...

    See the expressions of the girl she is cute and cunning

    See the male expressions - perfect as a waste fellow. Males paruvu teesadu

    Parents kosam kakapote inkendukura ni batuku. When sghe said something about a possibility of it, this ball should have stopped the conversation

    Ee chetta batch anta baga indian culture ni enjoy chestunnaru

    Anonymous said...

    i don't support arranged marriages either. it depends on the person. we had a problem and he was stubborn enough that my parents had to involve. now he restricts me to see my parents and doesn't let them to come see me either and also restricts all the relations on my side. he looks well after me well only if i am with him. when i go to see my relatives, i see the other side of him. i am a dependent on him right now but well educated waiting for a job. this condition of mine is restricting me in expressing how i feel about the way he behaves. but it's really depressing..i would welcome good suggestions..pls

    Anonymous said...

    @ 1.55 PM
    Sounds like you have atleast some negative energy.

    take my words....

    Don't even think about anything until you got into a nice job?

    He will turn around

    If not, prepare in a nice way to explain your feeling

    Since he is a normal human being he will sure listen

    Still not, treat him like a patient (Attitude / behavior problem), go to a psychologist to know more hot to deal in a smooth way.

    I hope the first two will change him

    Anonymous said...

    @ 01:55 pm.

    I am a male. So male point of view, most of the men see thier dependent wifes very inferior. I personally know this from my Sisters situation.

    This may be solved firstly wid a cool conversation! If you going on to surpress ur feelings, u will be ignored and taking u for granted! So be careful.

    IN dat conversation, not a fight remeber! Prepare him to listen to u and respect ur feelings then only start conversation, if not no point! TRy wit conversations and solving in between u. Plz dnt give a chance to a third person to involve and solve ur problem.

    It will be a big mess! Solve between U.

    And the option second! POstpone this conversation until u get a good Job! U will see the chnage! Ur idea and ur word will have weight!

    If u ask me, wat to do even in the later case if he did not listen wat u says? U have to know a way how to make him to respect u!

    Lastly try to realize ur better half that, as he is earning bread and butter for u guys and ur maintaining the house! Ur also working for ur family in maintaining the public relations, kids, house hold stuff, everything!

    U needed to be paid more than wat he earns! Men r earning so peacfully bcoz, women is maintaining the house!

    Plz dnt depress baby! B strong! B positive! U will rock and u can rock! B confident! All d best for ur life!

    Anonymous said...

    @7:43 and 1:28--thank you. those r good pieces of advice

    Anonymous said...

    I am 1.28 pm. Ur welcome dear! I am checking for ur reply!

    Ru fi9, ding gud! JUst tenses of ur situation by reading ur lines!

    I am lill bit over sensitive and think of all these things! PLay safe dear!